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11 Nights / 12 Days in Kerala Culture Tour Package

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Kerala has a great culture is deeply interlace with the tradition and states history. The culture of Kerala is persevering due to the reason of universality, continuity, and unity. Its play a very vital role in human life to achievements in any fields like religion, language, art, education, philosophy and social organization. Kerala’s interesting combination of traditional music, mythology, dance, theater, etc. Indian state of Kerala has been one of the most aware and peace loving place. Kerala culture tour packages have vast attraction of the state Kerala that has a fascinating heritage of art and culture. Kathakali-a metrical dance based on ancient epics and the world’s oldest martial art are wonder all over the world i.e. Kalarippayattu. The Indians famous folk dance is Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, and Koothu is a tradition of worship arts are Kummattikkali etc. Tourist flock the Kerala’s shores to learn tradition arts and forms. Kerala Culture tour Packages give you an idea and knowledge about the culture of Kerala such as dance, music, festivals and food etc. Culture of Kerala is best part in three items i.e. food-a delicious cuisine, specific to the region which involves the locally ingredients like seafood, rice and coconuts. People-life style of people with perfect blend of tradition and progressive nature. And festival-all the festival are celebrated such as Onam, Diwali, Ramzan etc. We have designed complete and affordable Culture Tour Packages for you. Let us - Kerala Tour Operator serve you for your further holiday.

Destinations Covered

Calicut Beypore Mahe Wyanad
Cheruthuruthy Cochin Alleppey Thottapally
Day 1 Arrival at Calicut (11 NIGHTS/12 DAYS)
Day 01 : Arrival at Calicut

Once the capital of the powerful Zamorins and a prominent trade and commerce center, Calicut (Kozhikode) was the most important region of Malabar in the days gone by. It was very well known as a hub of commerce and trade. Today, lush green countrysides, serene beaches, historic sites, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, hills, a unique culture and a warm, friendly atmosphere make it a favorable destination to visit. Transfer to Kappad Beach Resort. This beach has got its name engraved in Indian history as Vasco Da Gama, the Portuguese explorer, had put his first steps on Indian soil at this place. Spend overnight at Kappad Beach Resort.

Day 2 Visit Beypore(11 NIGHTS/12 DAYS)
Day 02 : Visit Beypore

Located about 10 kms south of Kozhikode town at the mouth of the Chaliyar River, is Beypore. Overnight stay at Kappad Beach Resort.

Day 3 Drive to Mahe(11 NIGHTS/12 DAYS)
Day 03 : Drive to Mahe

On arrival transfer to Ayisha Manzil, a heritage bungalow located on the Arabian Sea. In the afternoon visit to the fort and mosque. Overnight stay at bungalow.

Day 4 Excursion(11 NIGHTS/12 DAYS)
Day 04 : Excursion

Apart from the wilderness and the beaches and of course the Ayurvedic treatments ,Kerala is also known for the traditions and the culture that they practice. So we move towards witnessing this spectacle of traditional Dance forms and see the 'Thayum' and 'Kalari Pati'. Overnight stay at bungalow.

Day 5 Wyanad (11 NIGHTS/12 DAYS)
Day 05 : Wyanad

Check into Vythiri Resort surrounded by lush green rainforests. This eco-friendly resort provides the visitors with ample opportunities for bird watching, trekking and elephant ride.

Day 6 Visit the nearby tribal village (11 NIGHTS/12 DAYS)
Day 06 : Visit the nearby tribal village, tribal museum

After lunch take a 4-km trek to an awe-inspiring ancient cave, providing an insight to the rich Indian civilization. Overnight stay in Vythiri Resort.

Day 7 Drive to Cheruthuruthy (11 NIGHTS/12 DAYS)
Day 07 : Drive to Cheruthuruthy

to visit the school of traditional art and dance - Natya Kala Mandalam. Visit local potters and weavers. Stay overnight at the Heritage River Retreat Hotel.

Day 8 Morning drive to Cochin(11 NIGHTS/12 DAYS)
Day 08 : Morning drive to Cochin

Cochin is a more or less a cosmopolitan kind of population and would rather find the mixture of Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese culture. A small population of Jews still resides there.

Day 9 Drive to Alleppey (11 NIGHTS/12 DAYS)
Day 09 : Drive to Alleppey

The most important thing that any visitor makes a visit to Kerala are its boat races and the houseboats that it offers. It’s an unique kind of creation where you seem to be a paradise lost within yourself and trying to find your feet back on the ground. Enjoy a memorable trip on the fantastic houseboats. Travel through the coconut fringed canals. Relaxing your mind and body as nature envelops you. You will be guided by professionals who will give you the right kind of information worth knowing.

Day 10 Arrive in Thottapally (11 NIGHTS/12 DAYS)
Day 10 : Arrive in Thottapally

We start the day with some scrumptious breakfast and move towards discovering more of Kerala.We drive down to Kovalam.enroute Haripad Subramanian Snake Temples which house 500 snake statues. Overnight stay at Kovalam Beach Resort.

Day 11 Relax at Kovalam during the day (11 NIGHTS/12 DAYS)
Day 11 : Relax at Kovalam during the day

Option of having a body-soothing, relaxing Ayurvedic massage. These treatments not only sooth your body but also relieve you of your stress and tensions in the mind.Overnight stay at Kovalam Beach Resort.

Day 12 Departure(11 NIGHTS/12 DAYS)
Day 12 : Departure

Option of having a body-soothing, relaxing Ayurvedic massage. These treatments not only sooth your body but also relieve you of your stress and tensions in the mind.Overnight stay at Kovalam Beach Resort.


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