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BS Kataria

Mr. BS Kataria

Managing Director

The senior most in the company in terms of age & experience. He is always there to guide the team with his vast knowledge. He is the founder of a transport company with 150+ cars & taxis. He took the company to the highest level of success in the transport industry. Now he is enjoying his new role in Holiday Links as Chief Executive Officer.

Pradeep Kataria

Mr. Pradeep Kataria


Gets with him over 30 years of experience in handling tours. He is the man behind raising one of the Biggest Inbound Travel Company. Apart from the overall supervision, he heads the operation and service delivery departments. He is an active member of all major Inbound Tour Associates and International Travel Bodies.

Aman Dusad

Mr. Aman Dusad

Director of Marketing

Do you love to travel? Me too and if you’re serious about getting more travel and adventure in your life then I would love to help you. I am a curious traveler and so I research thoroughly before I travel. I enjoy finding the best hidden spots and insights related to food, culture, history and customs of a new place and its people. For me travel has been an all-consuming passion, my first love. My whole life’s been geared towards travel. I spent 8 years in New Zealand working and travelling. I have been to exotic locations like Phuket and Bali. I am saving up so I could travel extensively in Europe, Africa and USA. My job is all about my clients to help them with their dream holiday. I exactly know the worth of travel and it perhaps is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Gautam Mishra

Mr. Gautam Mishra


I have a long experience and expertise in hotel and travel industry. Creative and energetic communication specialist with experience in implementing and executing successful projects in public relations and marketing. Strong communications skills with a forte in event management, brand awareness campaign, consumer initiatives, and product launches.

Anil Sharma

Mr. Anil Sharma

Business Consultant

A key member of the management team charged with formulating strategic direction and devising business development initiatives consistent with overall strategy. Traveled nationally and internationally to identify new business opportunities. Planned and executed marketing strategies and events including trade shows and conferences with over hundreds of participants.

Sunny Madaan

Mr. Sunny Madaan

Manager : Sales and Operations

He is associated with Indian Travel Industry since 2010. His innovative ideas and hardwork has enabled Holidayz Mart emerge as a leader in this field. He is passionate about delivering services to our clients, ambitious and impatient for success and yet down-to-earth and approachable. He loves to think "out of the box" and make a difference with their work every single day, precisely why we believe in ‘fun-is-work’.

Shivani Sharma

Ms. Shivani Sharma

Sr. Tour Manager

My name is Shivani and I will be assisting you in creating the most amazing journey to India. Little bit about myself, I am from Delhi and working in the toursim industry for last 7 years. Why Travel? Well Travelling proves that dreams do come true. Around the world travel is possible, you just have to decide and take the first step and start planning your itinerary. I have travelled to various destinations such as Shimla, Mussorrie, Jaisalmer, Kerala, Rishikesh, Amritsar and Manali. One of my greatest strength in Travel industry is my extensive knowledge in destinations which I have gained by exploring the destinations rather studying about it. This helps me preparing the right package for my client on the best prices. I strongly believe in the quote from Saint Augustine - "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page"

Mr. Abhishek

Mr. Abhishek

Sr. Tour Manager

Hello everyone I am Abhishek!! With over 6 years of experience in the Tourism industry, I am ever ready to share my travelogue with anyone. This is especially for Kerala & south India, as I feel no other country & Place can match the amazing diversity and experiences that it offers. I consider myself very Lucky to live and work with my passion & travel to dream destinations Like Kerala. I believes that “A Country as Diverse and Culturally Rich as South India cannot be covered in one lifetime and yet every Journey through this country lasts a lifetime”. My Love and passion is to meet different people & to gain knowledge of various regions, culture, religion & history. These things have encouraged me to pursue Masters in Tourism. My passion inspires me to give greater meaning and depth to the travel experiences of fellow discerning travelers as a tour manager. Besides travelling to new places, meeting the local people and experiencing different cultures, I believe in making trips memorable by adding unexpected “wow” moments and little surprises that delights the guests and leave a lasting impression on them. Now, after 6 years later, nothing fascinates me more than meeting and talking to our guests and helping them create that perfect & memorable holiday in Incredible India!!! I truly believe in the mantra “Atithi Devo Bhava-Guest is God” which makes me passionate about My work. Working in this industry with the excitement of meeting new people and experiencing new things and the uniqueness of each new travel query coming my way is what fills myself with the energy to keep on going and all happy. If you are unique traveler and want a deep experiences of India I love to share My thoughts with my curious travelers & guest wanting a deeper knowledge about India. It’s a fun for me working for you and looking forward to make you a friends whom you can share everything.

Shivali Dusad

Ms. Shivali Dusad

Sr. Tour Manager

Travelling leaves me speechless and then turns me into a story teller. I am Shivali and I am a travel junkie.. I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list. To wake up in a different place is one of the pleasantest sensations for me. I was born and had lived in India for 20 years, then 8 years in New Zealand. I have travelled out to Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Bali, Thailand and Malaysia. I have seen the raw beauty of New Zealand and the cultural heritage of India. My goal is to go someplace I have never been before at least once a year. Traveling tends to magnify all my human emotions. From working as an accountant in New Zealand, I am now back to India to follow my dream, my passion for travel. Travel is a search that cannot be googled, you have to feel the magic and I can make this magic happen for you !

Ms. Karishma Aggarwal

Ms. Karishma Aggarwal

Tour Manager

Traveling leaves me speechless. I haven’t been everywhere but to wake up in a different place is one of the pleasantest sensations for me. I was born in Delhi and had lived in India and the US, so I have experienced the raw beauty of America and the cultural heritage of India. Having traveled a lot, I have come to realize that it's a search that cannot be googled, you have to feel the magic and I can make this magic happen for you!

Karan Chaudhary

Mr. Karan

Sr. Operations Executive

Hi I'm Karam,working in Operation team in Holidayz Mart. I wish all the people around me would be full of honesty as I am in my profession. Travel arrangements are not easy tasks as you all know but I love this challanges. I believe in good services with relavent charges which I have been doing the same from last 4 years in Holidayz Mart Pvt. Ltd.

Nitesh Chandra

Mr. Nitesh Chandra


Being a hardworker at my place I always enjoy my work with developing the structure of my organisation. Where I keep motivaiting my Colleagues because I respect everyone's responsibility. And having 100% confident with Attitudute towards my Work !!

Devender Yadav

Mr. Devender Yadav


Devender is synonymous of honest and sincerity, working as Account Assistant who is responsible for all the bank related tasks, preparing Voucher, invoice, as well as update the bank transaction every day.

Raj Roshan Vatsa

Mr. Raj Roshan Vatsa


Hello all ! I am Mr. Raj have completed my MCA from IGNOU. I love to learn even in my dream. This is my first company to get practical knowledge from. Working with Holiday77 IT team is a memorable time for me. I love honest and fast working style which I found on this company Holiday77. I love to use my creations in travel industry to make your travel memorable and easy.


Mr. Rohit Kumar

Web Developer

Hello all ! I am Mr. Rohit have completed my BSc(IT). I love to do creative things. Web Development is my passion and I always try to do something new each and every moment. I always try to make such kind of website which is user friendy. My dearm is to travel all famous places in this world.


Mr. Anil Barthwal

Technical Support (IT)

Hi guys ! I'm Mr. Anil an IT(Hardware) professional. I love to do any task with full of dedication. I believe in smart working because it will help to do task in easy manner.

Sunil Shrivastav

Mr. Sunil Shrivastav

Web Developer

Mr. Sunil is a very honest person and you will find him always with pleasant smile in face. Working in IT department and creating a wide knowledge of IT products due to this contribute to the growth chart of Holidayz Mart Pvt. Ltd. He is good in playing guitar and dancing with friends.

Sanjay Kumar

Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Data Analyser

Sanjay working in the company in an IT department. Basically he has completed diploma in Graphic Designing. Now he is responsible for all kind of IT works at Holidayz Mart Pvt. Ltd..

Arvind Kumar Prajapati

Mr. Arvind Kumar Prajapati

Data Analyser

I love to enjoy every moment of life. My knowledge helps me to understand nicely about the product which are valuable assets for the growth in the business. I Love to listen to music. I am happy to be the join Holidayz Mart Pvt. Ltd.